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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Interview with the Atheist Converted by Science

An exclusive interview with Antony Flew is available on the Biola University Website (thanks to Daniel Peterson for pointing out the article). Dr. Flew is the famous British atheist and philosopher who recently accepted belief in God (a theistic view) on the basis of scientific evidence. He is interviewed by Dr. Gary Habermas, a philosopher from Liberty University who has previously debated Flew several times on the existence of God. The discussion is interesting reading and includes such things as Flew's views on C.S. Lewis (he knew him, and while not convinced by Lewis' arguments, found him to be a very reasonable person).

Now I wonder if he'll be willing to look at Book of Mormon evidence, too? (Probably not. The idea of a revelatory God is still quite far from Dr. Flew. In fact, he says "I still hope and believe there's no possibility of an afterlife." Please, Dr. Flew, it's better to prepare now than to hope for the fantasy of non-existence.)

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Anonymous said...

A philosopher with no biology background concludes that the DNA molecule is "designed".