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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Listen to Talks at LDSVoices.com

LDSVoice.com is an interesting new blog that lets you listen to audio files of significant LDS talks. Tell the Webmaster, Chad King, any recommendations you have for great talks that could be included. As I post this entry, I'm listening to a fascinating talk by Sheri Drew. I think LDSVoices is a great idea for a blog!


Mike Parker said...

Wow, that is cool. And you can download the talks as MP3s for listening on your iPod.

However, I'm thinking about starting a pool on how long it will be before the site gets shut down because of copyright violation.

Chad King said...

Hi Mike. I've vetted the copyright issues and the site is legal. Just trying to make some great talks a little more accessible to everyone.


Mike Parker said...

Glad to hear it, Chad. This kind of stuff needs to be more readily available.