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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Update on the Missionary Murder in Virginia

News on the murder of an LDS missionary in Virginia reveals new details about the murder of Elder Morgan Young. James Broughton, Jr., a 19-year-old who has been arrested for the murder, allegedly was fighting another man, Gregory Lamont Banks, Jr., when Broughton broke free, pulled out a gun and fired once at Banks. Banks was unharmed but fell to the ground as if dead. He heard Broughton leave and then heard two more shots fired, as if Broughton ran into two potential witnesses and shot them on the spot.

The response of Elder Young's parents to this tragic murder shows great faith and reflects deep Christian principles. My heart goes out to them.


Rusty said...


Where is the source for Elder Young's parent's response?

Bradley said...

The first version of this story that I read, right after it happened, is what you've recounted above. Then, all the news sources started acting like they didn't have any details. I wonder if they became more hesitant to report sketchy details given the recent mine disaster.

Rusty, here is a KSL report on the news conference the parents held. In that story we read that, "The Young family says they don't have any anger toward 19-year-old James Boughton Junior, the man accused of shooting their son in Chesapeake, Virginia Monday night."

Granny said...

I received this note this morning from my grandson of whom I spoke in the first post about the missionaries. And thanks to those who offered prayers and blessings on us, as well as on the other missionaries' families.
Hey Grandma.....

I had a few minutes so I thought that I would just say hi :D.... HI!!!!'

Yeah, it was a big surprise to all of us when we heard about Elder Young and
Elder Heibrink. I knew Elder Young, had never served around him, but had
talked to him here and there. And actually I served in the very same ward
that he was shot at. I have even tracted that very same street. I was there
with Elder Davids a little over 6 months ago. It was a VERY nice
neighborhood, I would go there alone, at night, not even as a missionary and
feel perfectly safe. It was just timing. It is what the Lord had in mind, and
planned for Elder Young. Elder Young always wanted to serve his mission for
longer than 2 years. Four years wouldn't have been enough for him. He wanted to
serve tirelessly, and the Lord answered his prayers and desires and prepared
a way for him to do so. He returned to his Father in Heaven with honor and
at this very second is teaching the spirits in prison about the gospel of
Jesus Christ. My heart just goes out to the ones who are left here to mourn
his loss.

Their Families are handling everything well. They actually came out here for
a meeting last week. It was good.

Hey..... check out www.14LDS.com , A member here in this ward put it
together, and it is still growing. We have a few of the articles there, and
they are very good and informative. Most are just straight historical facts.
I haven't seen 10% of what he has on there, but what I have read of it is good.

Well I have to get going now..... I Love you Grandma...


Elder David

Anonymous said...

It is sad to hear that such good young men, going out there to do God's work, get shot and one killed!! It's an outrage! I just can't believe how horrible people can be.I am so very sorry for those mourning families.My heart goes out to them, and best wishes!!