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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Richard Bushman: Braving the Sour Limelight as a Famous Mormon Defender

The New York Times article, "Scholar Becomes Chief Explainer in a 'Mormon Moment,'" discusses the significant role that Richard Bushman has been playing in explaining Mormon beliefs to the world. (Hat tip to Bill Hamblin.)

I'm very proud of Dr. Bushman and what he has done to improve understanding both outside and within the Church. Kudos!


Brandon said...

I can't open this link. Do you have a summary of this article available to post??

AquinasVI said...

Great Article.

Brandon, I think this link works here:


Lars said...

I can only see a section of the first paragraph, followed by a form to fill out to purchase the article before I can read more. (Yes, I do have a nytimes.com registration and I am logged in.)