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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Russia and the Defense of Christianity in Kosovo

Whatever challenges Russia has faced in the past in terms of religious liberty, I'm delighted that this nation has taken a bold and lonely stand to resist the total loss of Christian religious liberty in Kosovo, a position I base on Aleksandar Pavic's article on the betrayal of Christians in Kosovo by the West.

Two words for Russia on this matter: ochen harasho! (I think that's how you say it.) And thanks!


NM said...

Ah, Kosovo.

There is a family from our church who are serving as missionaries there.

Stephen said...

You know, Russians as a people are often very admirable.

PTC said...

I would think that the Russian government's stance has more to do with support of its Serbian (Christian) allies and with trying to stem Islamism (i.e., Chechnya) than with any sense of moral outrage.