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Friday, February 27, 2009

BusinessWeek Ranks BYU's Undergrad Business Program #5 in Nation

BusinessWeeek's new report on "The Top Undergraduate Business Programs" rates BYU's undergraduate program #5 in the nation. As the proud father-in-law of a super-sharp graduate from that program, I'm very excited by the news. Congrats, BYU and BYU business grads!


Joseph Antley said...

I'm an undergrad student in the business program right now. Not only is BYU's program #5 in the nation, BYU's business program is also #1 among recruiters.

Alison Moore Smith said...

That is great news! Our oldest is a film major at BYU with a business minor, so we're close! I spent an awful lot of time in the Tanner Buildling for my combined major, with business as a piece--so I feel affinity there!

Woot woot!