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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are You a Sunbeam Whisperer?

During Sunday services, LDS congregations have a program for children known as Primary, and the youngest class (apart from the nursery) is known as the Sunbeams. Teaching a class of irrationally exuberant four-year-olds can be more challenging than trying to manage the US economy. In one ward in our Stake, one of the children was so challenging--so wiggly and fully of spunk--that a second teacher was needed in the class to help keep things under control. But a newly called teacher came with some amazing skills and quickly demonstrated that it was possible for a single person to calm the raging waters of Lake Sunbeam. He is now the Sunbeam Whisperer, according to one Stake leader in awe of his powers. In addition to loving and talking with the children, one of the keys that others have gleaned from him so far is that he sets clear limits for the kids so they understand what is OK and what is not. That sounds pretty straightforward--I'm sure there's a little more magic involved. I'll be trying to find out more secret tips in the near future. Or maybe some of you are also Sunbeam Whisperers and care to share your skills here?

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eduardo bezerra said...

Nobody captures bee with lemon. If you want to attract bees with sugar should be.
Treats criancom much sweetness, affection, tenderness, love and you will prinipalmente resultdos surprising

Michaela Stephens said...

When I was a sunbeam teacher (with a partner teacher), I had 10 sunbeams in my class and before class started, I had the whole class go outside and run once around the church (teachers too). Then we went to the classroom and had the lesson.

Three hours of sitting quietly is too much to ask of a 4-year old. They have serious wiggles and a wise teacher provides an appropriate way to discharge that energy.

When I went to college I heard that the sunbeams asked their new teacher if they would get to run around the church before the lesson.