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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Excellent Music Resource at LDS.org

Have you seen the resources for LDS Music at LDS.org? (Kudos to my Stake President for pointing it out to me.) This amazing service allows you to search and play the music for LDS hymns and songs in the Children's Songbook. The interactive music player, based on a piano, shows you what notes are being played, and allows you to select what parts are heard. For example, I can have it only play the bass part to help me learn it. The tempo can also be adjusted. Or you can download MP3 files for the songs as music only or music and voice. (Take that, Kazaa!) There are also helpful resources to help you learn how to use the hymnbook, read music, conduct a hymn, etc. And if you're a composer, you can submit new music for the Church's consideration, and look at past submissions that have been accepted.


Walter said...

Thanks for pointing this out. Fantastic resource!

Zingalings-Custom Singing Telegrams said...

The church does have amazing resources for musicians. I love the hymn player where you can transpose music. They've recently added training on how to play the organ as well as all the owners manuals for church organs. This is great for organists that may want to know how to do mixtures, etc.

I also offer free 'how to conduct' videos for ward choir directors at www.tetonmusic.com/conducting.htm

I hope these are helpful!