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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Define Love

Sword of Truth awardWhile this logo is bogus, it conveys my opinion about the use of the word "love" by several groups that claim to be reaching out to Mormons with love. (I awarded it to myself on one of my spoof Web pages where I demonstrate the weakness of anti-Mormon charges of plagiarism in the Book of Mormon.) Their definition of "love" is quite different but not much better than the definition of "love" used in pop culture, although anti-Mormon love at least has the benefit of not spreading STDs. Like the respected anti-Mormon ministers who led mob efforts in Missouri and Illinois, some of these folks just want to love us to death.

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Anonymous said...

I love this graphic. I've made it my desktop wallpaper. As a former full-time missionary in the north-eastern US, I was reached out to with "love" a number of times. For anyone who has not experienced this, it is a mildly amusing, albeit unpleasant experiece. All I can say is amen Brother Lindsay.