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Thursday, July 08, 2004

LDS Perspectives on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Some of you may have seen or linked to an online version of the book, LDS Perspectives on the Dead Sea Scrolls that used to be at kbyu.org. It's now at byubroadcasting.org. You can start with the table of contents or jump to my favorite chapter, "The Book of Mormon and the Dead Sea Scrolls" by Stephen Ricks. Be sure to examine the additional sections of that chapter, (section 1, section 2, and the conclusion).

By the way, my spellchecker suggests that byubroadcasting.org really should by byproducts. I wonder what that means?

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KB Stanger Art and Design said...

I'm getting ready to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in 2 days and was looking for some LDS perspectives. I know this is a very old post, but the links are no longer valid. If you happen to have a current link I would be grateful.