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Sunday, November 07, 2004

LDS.org Resources on Internet Use, Abuse

LDS.org has prepared a helpful collection or resources on the Internet to help individuals and parents better protect themselves. One of the article is about risks to newly returned missionaries (let your guard down after your mission and you're easy prey - seriously). One of the resources is an excellent article on Internet addition, "Tangled in the Web."

These resources are so good, I couldn't stop reading them. Kudos to LDS.org for their excellent Website - they've really got me hooked.

One disappointment on the LDS.org page, though, is that they provide a link to ContentWatch.com, an Internet filter company in Salt Lake City. They are just one of many commercial services. I paid for ContentWatch on one of our computers, but it has been a disappointing experience (disastrous installation problems are possible, and the filtering is based solely on looking at the text of each page that is being downloaded with no intelligent reviews or domain filtering - my tame pages and blog entries are routinely blocked, while lurid photos fly right past the filter).


CJ said...

As a programmer for lds.org, let me say thank you. :) Improvements are on the way as well...

Randy said...

Oh, man! Curse that Internet and its smut-blocking programs! When I was a teenager, I was able to hide the occasional porn mag under the bed. These days, normal, red-blooded American teenagers don't even know that they can purchase pornography in magazine form. What are they to do when their parents install filters?