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Sunday, January 02, 2005

"Hey, Who Are You Calling a Cult?"

Thanks to Michael Nathan Shumate of Tachyon City for his post on cults and also for pointing me to Orson Scott Card's article at Beliefnet, "Hey, Who Are You Calling a Cult?" I like Orson't reasoning and wit - especially his final observation that the fear-tactics used by our critics in calling us a cult actually displays some of the very characteristics that they say typify cults (e.g., "don't think for yourselves - let us scare you into behaving the way we tell you to").

My related LDSFAQ resource is "Do Latter-day Saints Belong to a Cult? Issues of the Trinity, the Bible, Jesus Christ, God, and Modern Christianity."

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nshumate said...

Thanks, but I'm Nathan. (Michael is my father, but I don't think he's involved here anywhere.)