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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Joshua 9: A Great Reminder on the Limitations of, and the Need to Seek Counsel

In family scripture study tonight, we read Joshua 9, the chapter in which some of the local Gibeonites pretend to from a distant country and trick Joshua into making a deal with them. Joshua did not see past their deception and failed to recognize them as one of the local tribes they were supposed to drive out. Joshua 9:14 explains that the deception worked because "asked not counsel at the mouth of the Lord."

Not only does this show that real prophets can make human mistakes and must seek to gain revealed guidance - it doesn't just flow automatically. This story should also remind each of us in our lives and ministries that we need to continually seek counsel from the Lord, and that we can be deceived when we rely only on our own judgment.

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ChssAddct said...

Great post and reminder. Thanks!