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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Husband and Wife as Equal Partners

Ethesis has a good post on the role of husbands and wives as equal partners. It is contrary to Church doctrine for men to think that their wives have to obey them because they are the priesthood leader of the family. But some unjust men have tried to use their alleged priesthood authority to boss around their wife. How sad to see Gospel principles trashed in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable. But religion in the hands of the wicked rarely brings righteous results.

The problem is not religion, it is power: when the wicked reign, the people (and their wives) mourn.


Stephen said...

Thanks for your kind comments.

Anonymous said...

What about women trying to do the same thing? If men should have respect for women, why don't the prophets warn the women also? We are different genders, but same concept. None of us are perfect, but it seems to me that women also can try to manipulate and demean good, worthy men, just as well as the men can do it to women. I feel that issue is not discussed as often as this male superiority belief you expose. There is also concern that the church focuses so much on the sins that men do, yet women are left cleanly out of this abuse and sin category. Why do I not hear condemnation for the abuse and sin on the female side? Women do it too, you know.

I like your blog and only am curious as to why that is? Can you show examples of the prophets condemning women for spousal abuse as well?