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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Quick Picks from FAIRLDS.org

Two recent articles from FAIRLDS.org that I'd like to recommend:
  • "Is God Only a Spirit?" by John Tvedtnes - showing that John 4:24 ("God is a spirit . . .") provides no reason to believe that God does not have a body, based on scriptural evidence from the writings of John and others that give insight into the real meaning of that often-quoted passage.
  • "Did Brigham Young Say that He Would Kill an Adulterous Wife with a Javelin?" by Mike Parker - an essay that pokes holes in a favorite little attack of anti-Mormons. He was not advocating or trying to implement "blood atonement."
There is also an interesting discussion on the FAIRLDS message boards of a newly noted parallel between the Book of Mormon and the Hebrew Old Testament, the "three-four" pattern. This ancient pattern was noted by Israeli scholar Yair Zakovitch in a 1977 publication. Understanding it sheds insight into several items in the Book of Mormon - consistent with the hypothesis that the Book of Mormon has an ancient origin.


Graham said...

Both FairLDS.org articles link to the same article. Please pass along the link to the BY article. Thanks.

Christopher Bradford (Grasshopper) said...

Here's the link to the Brigham Young article:


Anonymous said...

Can you post a link to the "Three-four" pattern. I searched for it in Fairlds.org but could not find it.

Nacho said...

The second link with the response to Brigham's alleged blood atonement statement doesn't direct to that article. It directs to "Is god Only a Spirit?"