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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dean of Harvard Business School to Lead BYU-Idaho

According to the LDS.org newsroom, Kim B. Clark, dean of the Harvard Business School, will serve as the president of Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg. That's quite a promotion - for BYU-Idaho. A real honor to have Professor Clark running the show.

Another famous LDS person at the Harvard School of Business is Professor Clayton Christensen. His theoretical framework for disruptive innovation has had a profound effect on me in my work (long before I learned that he was LDS!). I've made efforts to extend his analysis into the intellectual property area, pushing the concept of "disruptive intellectual assets." I'll soon be publishing an article on that topic, if all goes well.

Why do LDS people seem to be disproportionately represented among famous business people?


Anonymous said...

Are they, or are we just rather overzealous about finding and recognizing them?

Anonymous said...

Why? Because the Church isn't a Church, it's a corporation.

Anonymous said...

Protestant work ethic?

Anonymous said...

You point out these two jokers and their religion and think Mormons are highly represented. How many others teach at Harvard and are NOT Mormons?
You are like the guy who is looking at a new car... he suddenly sees the brand 'everywhere' when he had not noticed it before.

Harvard has an excellent intercollegiate sports program. Ricks/BYHighdaho is quite a comedown for someone who apparently has brains.