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Friday, October 07, 2005

Yale versus BYU: Wall Street Journal's Two Top Schools for Recruiting Ethical MBAs

Kudos to Yale University! They managed to gain the #1 spot, barely edging out #2 BYU in the Wall Street Journal's list of "Top Schools for Recruiting M.B.A.s with High Ethical Standards" (Sept. 21, 2005, p. R4). The results were based on a survey of recruiters of MBAs, who were asked (among other things for other lists) which programs were best for hiring graduates with strong ethical standards. Yale was nominated 131 times and BYU 127 times. The next-highest ranked business schools were at Dartmouth (122), Univ. of Denver (101), Univ. of Virginia (92), UC Berkeley (72), IPADE (70), Notre Dame (67), Stanford (61), Carnegie Mellon (51), ESADE (51), and Univ. of Michigan (51).

Well, I say kudos to Yale - and see no reason to accept the widespread allegations that this honor was obtained by bribery, blackmail, and arm-twisting from certain powerful Yale alumni.

I do worry, though, that Yale will let this honor go to their heads. One clue is the new brochure for promoting Yale's business school with the slogan "Yale: Even Better than BYU." Also popular on T-shirts on campus, I hear.


Samuel said...

It reminds me a bit about when I was applying to law schools. J. Reuben Clark at BYU was ranked 35th (by US News and World Report) despite only having been around for 33 years whereas the Univ. of Florida was in a six way tie for 41st even though it was founded in 1909. The University of Maryland (also in 41st place) was founded in 1870. That is some quick moving by BYU.

Clark Goble said...

It is interesting how well respected that BYU's two actual robust grad departments are (law, business). I honestly wonder why, given those two departments, that the Church is unwilling to really allow other graduate departments to flourish.

Jeff Lindsay said...

I can understand the focus on undergraduate education, but what a great place it could be for expanded graduate programs!

Anonymous said...

I honestly wonder why, given those two departments, that the Church is unwilling to really allow other graduate departments to flourish.

the answer-----$$$$$$$$$$$$
Grad programs cost $$$$$$$$$$
Especially in the Sciences and Music.
Also----if the grad programs are at BYU there would be less places for undergrads at BYU.

Also----there comes a time to cut the apron strings and go to college in the real world.

Don't get me wrong----I love BYU.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Clinton, G H W Bush, and G W Bush all go to Yale?

Anonymous said...

Yes. As did Hillary Rodham (Clinton) and Senator Jean-Fran├žois Kerry.

Unknown said...

Sounds like someone has an inferiority complex! Face it BYU is ranked 113 in college rankings. Yale is always in the top 3. If BYU can't even break the top 100, it is not that great of a school. You just have to deal with that and keep clinging to your "top schools to recruit honest MBA's ranking". Yeah, that's almost the same. HA HA HA!! BYU sucks. Someday you will admidt it is on par with University of Dayton. Until then, enjoy the mormon dilusion!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose ethics aren't really a factor when deciding on a given schools logo and colors. What year was BYU founded? It must have been before 1701.