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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Church Museum of History and Art

Great news! You don't need to go to Salt Lake City to enjoy the impressive Church Museum of History and Art near Temple Square. You can tour much of the museum online at LDS.org, where the Church has provided some excellent exhibitions such as Our Heritage of Faith.

If you do go to Salt Lake City, be sure to include the Museum as one of the essential places to visit.


CJ said...

Thanks, Jeff, for posting the link. The Church History site is actually a rather great resource, but few members know it's there. I actually programmed one of the exhibits, so I'm a bit biased I guess :)

Anonymous said...

I've gone there a few times and I have allwasy enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I went for the first time this last April and found it simply delightful and quite moving. Well worth the trip.