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Monday, June 05, 2006

BYU TV: Easy Way to View Online

BYU TV can be viewed online through a service offered by PhotoMax (subsidiary of NuSkin in Provo, Utah), http://www.thereelopportunity.com/. You need to use IE Explorer and rapidly install a viewer, but then you can watch BYU TV live. To do this, click on "My TV," and then when the viewer is installed, click "BYU TV." You can then watch it live or watch other programs from the past week using the program guide. You can also watch Park City TV and a few other things. But the BYU TV offering ought to be appreciated by some of you, I'm sure. Kudos to Walter Reade of Appleton, Wisconsin (and owner of AppletonDigital.com, a portal to PhotoMax).

Not only can you watch BYU TV at this site, you can also don your Z-Thrill Virtual Reality Live Helmet and enter a VR environment to play the new Mormon multiuplayer RPG action thriller, Extreme Ammon: Waters of Siebus II, where you can slaughter all your online friends if your faith is great enough. Oh wait, that's not available yet - maybe in the millennial edition upgrade of the site. Stay tuned!


Christopher Estep said...

Of course, you can always go to byutv.org too. :)

Walter said...

Both byutv.org and Photomax's "MyTV" is powered by Move Networks. Photomax is partnering with Move Networks to provide more channels (approximately 50) over the internet later this year. This will be beneficial for those who want to watch their programs on-demand (in between sessions of Xbox). :-) Another nice feature is that you can send links of video clips over e-mail. For example, this link is a very interesting program on micro-loan programs in 3rd world contries.