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Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Resources at LDS.org

I'm delighted at how many resources are available for members at LDS.org. For example, LDS.org offers a large collection of scripture-related artwork. The link is for paintings of Christ and other New Testament scenes, and tabs at the top of the page take you to other collections of art work. To view larger image files, click on the link for an individual image and then click on the "Print Image" button. It opens a new window with the full image so that you can print it or copy it. (The button should say "view image," in my opinion.) We'll use some of these in a brief slideshow at our upcoming Christmas Eve Devotional on Dec. 24, 4 pm in the Neenah, Wisconsin Stake Center. Hope you'll join us!

LDS.org also offers online manuals for many courses. For example, they have Teaching, No Greater Call, the valuable resource to help members teach more effectively.
FYI, another page purporting to offer the manual does not function properly.


Anonymous said...

You should probably also remind people of the other resources such as scriptures, MP3s, videos and handhelds.

Anonymous said...

I especially like that seminary and institute manuals also available online.