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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hilarious: Journalist Tries to Link Romney and Mormons to Illegal Drugs from Mexico

"LDS Church -- Mexico Drug Money Connection?" by Susan Mazur is a brilliant example of journalistic creativity. In a piece that begins and ends with references to Mitt Romney (could there be - gasp - political motivations??), Mazur manages to suggest that there are connections between polygamy and marijuana, illegal drugs and LDS tithing, and Church leaders and drug lords. You see, we don't care where that tithing money comes from - and naturally, Mexican drug lords are eager to give away 10% of their loot to the Church. Uh huh. Oh, and could it be that the reason for the increase in missionary work south of the border in recent years has something to do with the rise of the drug trade?
Some hard questions need to be asked about the so-called fastest growing religion in America and its former bishop, Mitt Romney, now running for US President as a follow-up to George W. Bush.
Right, Susan. Questions like, "Can we dare to let Americans vote for a Mormon? A Mormon?? I mean, one of them?" Something tells me that your motivation for this insightful essay was not a concern that Mitt Romney's peers might be bringing some of that old-fashioned polygamist-smuggled marijuana into the States, or lowering the moral standards of American women with the seductive lure of a nineteenth-century LDS alternative lifestyle. Could it be that you aren't really interested in "hard questions" as much as insane hysteria - anything to keep a conservative out of the White House? Or am I hallucinating again, thanks to some polygamy-induced mutations my ancestors picked up five or six generations ago?


Russtafarian said...

You saw this story too? I thought it was so random that it would never hit any kind of radar.

Amazing. Simply amazing (her journalistic creativity, not her journalism).

Good for laugh though.

Jeff Lindsay said...

I've got a fairly random radar.

I think we would see much more of this kind of journalism if Romney were elected.

quandmeme said...

"Scoop: Independent News" LOL. Cheapshot, but I had to chuckle, independent of what?
For those who don't actually click thru to the article, note that it is from New Zealand so the target readers might have a lot of context to evaluate this.

Unknown said...

I just did a quick search of the internet looking for anything with SUZAN MAZUR's name on it, and I found some pretty rediculous stuff. I don't know how ANYONE could take her seriously as a journalist. She blatantly makes crap up.

Unknown said...

I think that's how she makes her living--showing how entertaning bad journalism can be. She makes malarky up, even knows it's malarky, but hey, people will pay a buck or two minutes on the internet for a laugh.

Bookslinger said...

Also notice that the byline in the article clearly labels it as "Opinion," not news. It's editorializing, not reporting.