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Monday, October 29, 2007

Chemical Engineers - Join Us at Dinner in Salt Lake City During the AIChE Annual Meeting

If you'll be in Salt Lake City on Nov. 7, enjoy good food, and like discussing green technology like biorefineries, biofuels, and biomass engineering, or have an interest in the forest products industries, then you may want to RSVP to me to attend a dinner that evening with members and friends of the Forest Products Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineeers (AIChE) (a proposed name change to the Bioproducts Division is pending approval) during the 2007 Annual AIChE meeting. We've got a room reserved at a historic downtown restaurant where the food is good and the prices are surprisingly low. RSVP this week to jlindsay at innovationedge dot com. (Yes, I left Kimberly-Clark earlier this year and now work for Innovation Edge. So much fun!)


Anonymous said...

What technical sessions do you recommend? Is there a list of forest products sessions yet?

Jeff Lindsay said...

See Forest-Products.org for some good suggestions from our Division! Also come to the Monday session on Intellectual Assets in the Digital Era at 3:30 pm, sponsored by CAST.