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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Poor You Have Always Among You

This prophecy now guaranteed, courtesy of the Dept. of Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank, and Congress.



Unknown said...

Courtesy of government. We the people could not keep in tact a government formed by inspired men, but through our laziness and greed allowed the Gadianton Robbers to take over.

The righteous Nephites cried unto God when there burden was 20% (1/5) and we cry unto our god (of this world) "more government, more government, 50% is not enough of a burden".

Do you suppose God will hear and respond to the cries of the righteous (please spare us this burden) when not even the modern prophets call the rulers to repentance as did the prophets of old?

Jeff Lindsay said...

It was caused by government, yes. The solution, of course, is to give the bad boys behind this mess even more power and of course, much more money. That should fix things. And no matter who America picks in the next election, one thing is for sure: we're going to get even more government that before. So choose carefully which big spender, big-government man with ties to the big boys of Wall Street is the one you want ruling the country. Everything depends on your choice!