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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Greetings from Appleton, Wisconsin

Today I offer a lighthearted greeting from all of us out here in Zion, a.k.a. Appleton, Wisconsin. Such a fine place to live! One of the best places to raise a family you'll find, in spite of a touch of cold here and there.

The 30-second video clip is done with the free Animoto service. Fun to play with. Oops - I don't play, I blog. Sorry for the confusion.

Here's one more with a couple scenes from our massive Octoberfest celebration and other scenes from local life:

"Seasons greetings!" (Translation: Have a Merry Christmas!)

Update: Just checked with the Mayor (very cool guy, Tim Hanna - part of a long line of outstanding mayors, including a respected local Latter-day Saint, Dorothy Johnson). Turns our we STILL HAVE OPENINGS in Appleton, so yes, you can move here, if you act fast.


Scott and Jillian said...

I really liked Appleton when we lived there. It's a beautiful city on the Fox River, and the people are so nice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Wisconsin pride--


(another Wisconsin(ner), er, I mean, saint)