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Friday, December 05, 2008

LDS Blog Rankings: Nice Work at Latter-day Commentary

Tim Malone of Latter-day Commentary has prepared an informative report on Top Ranked LDS Blogs, considering solo blogs, group blogs, and LDS websites. I'm surprised that my little Mormanity blog was relatively high in the solo blogs and the my LDSFAQ (Mormon Answers) section of JeffLindsay.com made it in the top 20 for LDS Websites. This was based on Alexa, whose ratings don't necessarily represent actual hits or search engine visibility, but it's worth something.

I realized today that Latter-day Commentary was not in my blogroll to the right. Just fixed that defect.

Nice work, Tim!


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats Jeff. I'm not at all surprised, except that you didn't rank even higher. :oD

Tim Malone said...

And thank you for the link Jeff, from a faithful, long-time reader even before the days of Mormanity. I know you've been an inspiration to many a fledgling LDS blogger over the years. If Jeff can do it and keep bread on the table, we can do it, or so I keep telling myself. The more LDS bloggers we can get, the better. Besides, that will give the anti's and apostates a larger target audience for their comments.