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Friday, March 06, 2009

The Mesa Temple - Photo You Can Use

I was in Mesa, Arizona recently and had time to visit the Temple on a Saturday. What a wonderful place that historic temple is! Love the building, especially the inside. While there I took a few photos. Here's one I like. Feel free to download and use for personal non-profit purposes. The photo doesn't have my usual "JeffLindsay.com" identifier on it.

Click to enlarge. My original version is 1 megabyte in size, 2190 x 1507 pixels, and makes a nice 8 x 10 print. After going through Blogger, what you get here is only 300 kb, 1600 x 1101 pixels. You can also get a reduced version on my new Flickr area (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jefflindsay/). If you'd like the full size photo, email me or follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/mormanity) and let me know (you can use a direct message to send me your email address). Then I'll email it to you.


Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in the Phoenix area and at one time lived very near the Mesa Temple... but I wasn't a member then so I never paid it much notice. Some of the seeds were sown in me by Mesa LDS.

Wonderful photo Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. My sister-in-law is currently serving in the Visitor's Center for this Temple, so even though we've never been there ourselves, we've grown to love it. This picture is now our desktop background.

Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I went to Mesa temple, it was Christmas Eve and it was totally unimaginable and completely overwhelming for me as it was the first time i'd seen at temple this time of year and the HP's had decorated it all round with beautiful lights. The singing was soul touching and the whole experience is just a beautiful memory!
Hopeyou are well.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I made a TinyUrl link for you:

http://tinyurl.com/ldsblog = Mormanity!

Tianna said...

What a beautiful picture!

Unknown said...

Fantastic photo.

Unknown said...

That's where I married my sweetheart. Thanks for posting this!

Kristin said...

Great photo--

My sister asked me a question about the Book of Mormon and I can't find a good explanation anywhere. Where can I send you the question? I think you could probably provide a reasonable answer or at least some direction.

thanks for all of your research and hard work. I appreciate your website a lot.

Jeff Lindsay said...

I can be reached at jeff at jefflindsay dot com. I'm often behind on email, though!

Anonymous said...

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