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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hello to the Saints in or from Nigeria

In spite of the bad press that Nigeria gets in some communities because of the almost hilarious spam businesses with roots there, my experience with the people of Nigeria has been overwhelmingly positive (though I've never been there). In both Europe and the United States, I've met some of its people, mostly from the Yoruba tribe but also Hausa, Edo, and I think Igbo. It's a complex country with multiple tribes, languages, and religions. One of them I met this week, a kind security agent in downtown Washington, D.C. Seeing that my son, Daniel, had a "Brigham Young University" shirt on, he mentioned that his son went there also. We chatted with him and soon learned that he was a temple worker at the beautiful Washington Temple. He told us a little of his background and of his family. Looking into his warm and kindly eyes and feeling the strength of his spirit, it was a real treat to meet this brother in the Gospel. I love how the Church can make instant friends of strangers who share something so wonderful in common.

Just a minor little "Mormon moment," but a pleasant one. Glad my son had that BYU shirt on!


Anonymous said...

I echo your sentiments about Nigerians and, in general, west Africans. I had the pleasure of working in an international branch on my mission which consisted primarily of Ghanians but also included Nigerians.

Anonymous said...
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