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Friday, July 16, 2010

So Proud of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: 100 Years of Recording History

I had the unexpected privilege of attending the Pioneer Day Concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the amazing Conference Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City. This was my first time attending any event in the Conference Center, and the first time in over 20 years seeing the Choir live. It was an overwhelming experience. We had tickets on the main floor, maybe just 40 yards away from the stage. To be there and hear such incredible music was a true delight.

What impressed me almost as much as the music itself was the expert camera work. Two large screens on either side of the stage showed various scenes from the performance. Each moment of the show was expertly orchestrated: close-ups of the organist's feet during a dramatic moment of footwork, cool shots of individual musicians right on cue, sweeping wide angle shots and numerous dynamic effects that were fascinating to watch. Brilliant!

President Monson spoke as well--what a treat to be there.

The Choir has been on the cutting edge of broadcasting since 1910 when they made their first recording, the world's first recording of a large choir, in what was a collaborative experiment with a record company. No microphones were used--that would come later. Instead, two large recording horns were used, suspended on cables, with wax platters kept warm with electric light bulbs. The experiment succeeded, and this began the first of many great moments in recording history with the world's greatest choir, a choir that helps advance the mission of the Church in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation.

Thank you to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and to the Church for this incredible musical gift, one that has come at great sacrifice from so many talented people.

Were any of you there, too? How did you like the program? I was brought to (manly) tears several times and was just thrilled and touched by the offerings, especially Amazing Grace with the touch of Scottish bagpipes.


Anonymous said...

I was there as well and found it a wonderful experience. I was incredibly pleased to hear Bethelemu which was an incredible highlight. The final performance of Come Come Ye Saints was also superb.

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

My husband is a member of the choir so I'm pretty proud of them. They work so hard! The concert was amazing.

LuckyMatt said...

I was also there and loved it, as always. My 8- and 10-year-old daughters attended with us, and said afterwards, "That was great! You should always invite us to come to these concerts!" (and I was worried about them getting bored). The choir and orchestra just keep getting better and better.

Big Fan said...

Just a Fan:

The members of the choir are truly dedicated. I admire what they do for so many people.

Here is a really cool article:
Mo Tab Members

I have a friend that saw them preform at this show and said it was very moving.

West Ridge Academy

Keep up the great work!

Big Fan said...

Sorry, didn't get the link correct on my last post:

Story about choir members

WestRidge said...

Hey! They came and performed for us at West Ridge Academy. They really are such a wonderful choir. If you want to see them sing one of their more famous songs, "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty," live, visit our YouTube Channel.