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Friday, October 01, 2010

Book of Mormon Geography: Consider Attending the Book of Mormon Lands Conference, Oct. 23

The Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum (BMAF.org) is announcing an interesting event on Oct. 23, the Book of Mormon Lands Conference. What a terrific line up of speakers! Richard Bushman is one of my favorite authors. Ugo Perego is a very sharp scientist dealing with DNA research who has a lot to say about the issue of DNA and the Book of Mormon (hint: it's a very unscientific reason to abandon one's faith). Ted Stoddard is also speaking. Just read a paper of his ("Critical Criteria for Identifying the New World Lands of the Book of Mormon: Implications for the Heartland Model and the Mesoamerica Model") and think he's a clear thinker who has nicely distilled some of the key issues regarding Book of Mormon geography. Wish I could be there! (I will be in Salt Lake on October 8 and 9 for the BYU Chemical Engineering Dept. Annual Dinner on Oct. 8. Any cool events I should attend on the 9th?)

Kudos to the The Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum (link newly added to my blogroll at the left).


Anonymous said...

Ooo -- that sounds fun. I'd like to go to that. Thanks for the link.


Kent (MC) said...

I didn't realize that you probably haven't been to MormonConferences.org. It has all of the events related to Mormon Studies, including this one.