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Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Touch of Heaven in a Food Court

An interesting example of freedom of expression took place in a food court in a Welland, Ontario mall recently. I was glad to see that this group could organize this kind of demonstration without facing tasers, tear gas, assault dogs, or Richard Dawkins. Guess it's still a free country (OK, that country happens to be Canada). On the other hand, this was on private property--hope they had an OK from the mall owners to do this. Since the music over the loudspeakers was part of the event, that must be the case. Nice.

Organized "pranks" of this uplifting nature may, of course, get out of hand and be done in inappropriate, offensive ways, so watch it. But you're welcome to sing that beautifully around me almost anytime, anywhere. Just knock first.

Some of the story is at the Vancouver Sun. The group is Chorus Niagara.


Anonymous said...

That was uplifting to me after some bad news. Thank you for sharing!

-- Conifer

Stan said...

I don't know why you need to share something inspirational and take a pot shot at Richard Dawkins at the same time. His argument against religion is based on a reasonable expectation of evidence, not despotic oppression.

openminded said...
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openminded said...

yes, and I agree with Dawkins on a lot of points, but his argument for atheism is to be militant about it.

but the...side comment? was really nothing to be offended about in the first place. I was waiting for something bad to happen when I first saw this video

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Stan, more than anything those kind of pot shots are a demonstration of a self anger.