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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Planet Kathy: A Fun LDS Blog

Readers here who are rapidly losing IQ points from reading too much of my blog should take a moment to enrich their diet with some offerings over at the PlanetKathy Blog. This unusual spot in the web comes from an LDS writer, Kathy Kidd, Queen of PlanetKathy.com and allegedly the universe, not to mention the co-author with Orson Scott Card of Lovelock, former religion editor for the Deseret News and former Associate Editor of Meridian Magazine.

As an example of enjoyable writing with some insights into dealing with some of the finer aspects of the Word of Wisdom, please see"Sikh and Ye Shall Find" about her respectful and tasty encounter with a prominent Sikh leader. I just love the surprise and the ensuing gratitude. Sometimes there are tender and tasty mercies in our journey here.

I've added the PlanetKathy Blog to my list of featured blog snippets at the right.

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Anonymous said...

Kathy rocks!