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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Three Cheers for Movable Type and One of Its Key Inventors

Over at Orson Scott Card's fun LDS project, The Nauvoo Times, I've offered a post on a topic I feel deserves more reflection and gratitude from all of us: movable type and the invention of the mass produced book. See "Movable Type and the Blessings of the Printed Word." There's a quiz there. Let me know how you did!


Anonymous said...

The Chinese invented many things that others improved upon. The Chinese were "first" in many things. I especially love the cobalt blue and white porcelain. Many people do not know just how much stuff came from China, other than gun powder. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Three cheers also for Card for writing such a great post!

-- Eveningsun

Unknown said...

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