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Sunday, March 03, 2013

From the Nauvoo Times: My Cell Phone Story

Over at the Nauvoo Times (Orson Scott Card's LDS project with a team of LDS bloggers), I just shared an unusual experience I had with a newly repaired cell phone in an era when cell phones were not really part of my daily life. But this cell phone experience changed my life a little, and someone else's a lot. One thing I didn't mention is that not long before this experience, I had received some training in dealing with suicidal people that was essential for helping me to stay calm and do what was needed. I count that little miracle as one of the most treasured ones in my life. I'm still just in awe at the kindness of the Lord in that moment. How I wish I could have been there for more people, more often.

So many of my favorite little miracles involves unusual timing, allowing natural means to come together "naturally" but at just the right time to achieve something good. A gentle divine nudge or two is still often needed. Care to share your favorite stories of this nature?

P.S.--If you visit the Nauvoo Times, check out the sobering post about life in Nigeria by Dr. and Bro. Imo Eshiet in "Not Without Laughter." Now there's a land to pray for and to find new ways of lifting. We need some big miracles for Nigeria.


C T said...

Thanks for sharing the story and about the website. I hadn't heard of Nauvoo Times until now.

Anonymous said...

A lot of great content there - ought to be on everyone's list.

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