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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Growing Evidence for the Scriptures: Now a Centralized Source to Consider

If you've been following the steady stream of interesting findings and insights regarding the LDS scriptures at Book of Mormon Central (BookofMormonCentral.com) and Pearl of Great Price Central (PearlofGreatPriceCentral.org/), you may be pleased to know that a centralized site focusing specifically on evidences for the LDS scriptures has been launched, Evidence Central at EvidenceCentral.org. The offerings there so far are just scratching the surface, but some beautiful scratches are there worthy of a closer look.

For starters, may I suggest you read the article, "Book of Mormon Evidence: Iron Rod as the Word of God"? There's an interesting word play apparently involved in the very apt use of the iron rod as a symbol of the word of God in the Book of Mormon. Understanding this helps us better grasp the meaning of the text and the skill of its writers.


Anonymous said...

Here’s a link at Book of Mormon Central stating Oliver Cowdery should not believed.


Jeff Lindsay should really enjoy that one, since both Lindsay and Book of Mormon Central promote the false RLDS Two-Cumorah Mesoamerica geography theory for The Book of Mormon.

Keep it up Jeff! You one smart cookie!

Anonymous said...

You all need to get a new mission in life besides heckling Jeff Lindsay.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is yesterday the apologist had a laundry list of evidence for plausible claims such as the Lamanites being the principal ancestors of Native Americans. Today they reject this list as evidence. Therefore tomorrow, today's list of evidence may be rejected just as well.