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My Recommendations for Selected Commercial Products and Services

This blog is mainly for the purposes of sharing information about Latter-day Saint living, the Church, our scriptures, and controversies where defense of my faith may be in order. But I also occasionally mention various services and products I like. Here I offer some of my preferences and recommendations for a few commercial products and services that might be of interest to my readers.

Investment, Savings, and International Strategies 

I am worried about the long-term value of the dollar now that digital counterfeiting has become our nations primary economic strategy. The endless creation of new dollars to dump into the economy has never brought economic success and always leads to suffering. I recommend that people consider having some assets that can retain value in an inflationary world, or in a time of economic chaos. Having a solid food storage is a first step (food, water, hygiene materials, etc.). For building a food storage, I personally like the low prices but good quality that I find at Aldi supermarkets
I also recommend having some precious metals such as 90% silver coins (plain old "junk silver" is fine such as 1964 or earlier half dollars, quarters, or dimes, or the more expensive but beautiful 1-ounce silver eagles minted by the US government, or old silver dollars) or gold coins. If you buy these, make sure you actually own them. Much of the silver that is traded seems to exist as paper certificates only and may not be there when you need them in times of trouble. Some of the best prices are available at APMEX. However, if you want security against the vagaries of potential political and economic chaos in the US, it's wise to consider secure off-shore sites for storing precious metals and some of your cash. For that, a super-secure storage facility in Singapore may be useful to you: SilverBullion.com. There you can transfer money to this well capitalized and secure Singaporean service and purchase precious metals that are physically stored there. You can also add cash to an account for lending money to our users who already own precious metals as collateral. There you can get much higher interest rates than you can in a bank in the US, right now around 3 to nearly 4%. The money parked there is off shore so it can't be easily seized by some bureaucrat in the US, a very real threat these days.
I learned about this service from one of the best information sources I subscribe to, Sovereign Man (SovereignMan.com), a source of information to help you develop a Plan B to cope with future risks. It was also there that I learned about one of the few offshore stock market services that accepts American customers, InvestorsEurope.com. With Investors Europe, you can purchase stocks from a variety of exchanges, including US stocks, and have a secure account that is not easily shut down or seized by the US. If things get crazy here, I think it makes sense to have some of your resources in other places. The fees for trading at Investors Europe are higher than we are used to in the US and there is an annual fee of $150 for compliance with the US FACTA regulations that make Americans unwelcome in most financial institutions outside the US.

Legal Services and Intellectual Property or Innovation

For intellectual property needs and help with innovation, consider Planet Lindsay, my LLC for patent preparation, IP strategy, and innovation guidance. For big innovation and IP projects that require broad expertise from a talented team, for many years I have recommended ipCapital Group in Vermont (only recently did I become part of the group as a Senior IP Advisor). A Salt Lake City firm I have used for legal issues is Kirton McConkie, which I understand also takes on some significant work for the Church. I've been extremely impressed with that firm. I may be able to make other specific recommendations based on your needs, so feel free to contact me (via email, you can try "jeff" at the domain based on my name, jeff lindsay d0t c0m). 

Software Services

For VPN to protect the security of your communications and also to have access to blocked services when in nations with their own firewalls, I prefer ExpressVPN. Excellent software, rapidly adjusting to changing barriers, with excellent customer service. 

To hire programmers, I've used Codeline.io and Guru.com. There's a team in Turkey I can recommend, depending on your needs.

Games for families

For adults and children of age 10 years or more, we've had a lot of fun with some popular games, including Catan, Dominion, Pictionary, and Tsuro, an intriguing game with an Asian flair. 

Travel Tips

I've enjoyed traveling to many parts of the globe, but also have come to realize that the US has so much that deserves more attention, even my little area of Appleton, Wisconsin, which I'm quite fond of, along with other parts of Wisconsin. Some of my grandchildren seem to especially enjoy Wisconsin Dells, a fascinating tourist town that features great water pars like the Glacier Canyon Lodge. If you come to Wisconsin, be sure to spend a couple days there. 

For travel plans, I use Ctrip.com for anything in Asia, and often prefer Orbitz.com for trips starting in the US.

Charities and Non-Profits

I highly recommend the Interpreter Foundation, a leading non-profit supporting knowledge related to the scriptures, doctrines, and history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sister organizations include Book of Mormon Central and FAIR (FAIRlatterdaysaints.org). All of these organizations are doing much to share information, spread knowledge, and support missionary work, but I am especially fond of Interpreter for some of the ground-breaking work they publish in their journal and for the excellent conferences and videos they help produce. (Disclaimer: I am a volunteer co-editor for their journal, Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship.)

Another charity I am fond of is Days for Girls. This organization helps numerous young women in Africa cope get back to school and not miss out on education due to the challenges of menstruation without proper supplies for coping. So many lives have been enriched with the simple products they provide. Really an inspiring charity.

While I hesitate to get into politics, there is a need to preserve the fragile blessings of liberty in the United States by exposing some of the hidden and ugly things that occur in government. For this, I appreciate the dedicated legal work pursued by Judicial Watch (JudicialWatch.org) to use the Freedom of Information Act and other legal tools to reveal corruption. 

Another non-profit I like is the Foundation for Economic Education, FEE.org, which works to counter the misinformation of those who want to make politicians and bureaucrats have more power than ever to control our economy and our lives. The education on basic economics, the US Constitution and the principles of liberty that they provide is vital for our future. I hope you'll read their material and consider supporting them.

Updated April 30, 2021